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Eggy Pizza
Eggy Pizza
Ranch Style Fried Zucchini
Apple Monster Mouths!
Found These DUNCAN HINES “PERFECT SIZE FOR 1”, On The Grocery Shelves, In The Cake Mix Area In Most Stores. It Is Perfect When You Are Looking To Make Small Quantities Of Quick, Easy And Tasty Desserts. I Experimented A Bit With These. I Found If You Add A Little More Liquid Than What Is Required It Is Not As Dry. I Really Liked These Little Desserts! I Noticed That There Are Many New Little Desserts In This Section Of Store That Gives You So Many Options For Something Quick, Easy And Delicious! Give Them A Try!



Good Morning Foodies! Today’s Menu: Crock-Pot Brined, Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Veggie Stuffed Yam Creamy Layered Pumpkin Mousse Yep, more CROCK-POT HEAVEN and YAMS—look out PUMPKINS…


Good Morning Foodies! Today’s Menu: Comfort Chicken and Yam Chili Delicious Mini-Spinach Frittatas As you can see, there is no safe YAM in St. Landry…

Good Morning

Good Morning!!!!

Loving This Weather!

Loving this weather!

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