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Judge Doherty's Roasted Taters

Judge Doherty’s Roasted Potatoes

Judge Doherty's Roasted Taters   Save Print Judge Doherty's Roasted Taters Recipe By: Alice Morrow Ingredients 4-6 large russet potatoes, cut into wedges (thickness depends on size you want) Salt, black pepper Fresh rosemary or dried rosemary Extra virgin olive…

Stuffed Hippopotamus

Stuffed Hippotatomus!!

Stuffed Hippotatomus!!   Save Print Stuffed Hippotatomus! Recipe By: Alice Morrow Ingredients 4 (8-oz.) russet potatoes, scrubbed and washed 2 T. butter ⅓ c. half and half, heated Salt and black pepper 1 c. shredded sharp cheddar cheese 8 dried…

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