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Flavorful Pastalaya
Flavorful Pastalaya
Run Through The Garden Grilled Salmon
Amazing Crispy Smashed Yams
Bone-In Pork Chops/Veggies In Cast Iron Skillet


LSU Women Basketball

LSU Women Basketball

If u haven’t watch LSU Women Basketball games, you should. They are 20-0. Angel is unbelievably awesome as is the whole team.

Grand Peep Blair Who Is In New Zealand On School Exchange!

Grand Peep Blair who is in New Zealand on school exchange!

Got this pic this morning from Grand Peep Blair who is in New Zealand on school exchange! She said this is Pavlova (dessert made totally…

New Year’s Resolution #8

New Year’s Resolution #8

Chase Ready!

All things Mardi Gras


Good Morning Foodies!Today’s Menu:Delicious Lemony Roasted ChickenCrawfish Hollandaise over Fresh AsparagusSpicy Honey-Glazed CarrotsMega Everything Bagel Cheese BallToday’s Gadget is the ANOVA PRECISION SOUS VIDE COOKER…

Crawfish Hollandaise Over Fresh Asparagus

Crawfish Hollandaise over Fresh Asparagus

CRAWFISH HOLLANDAISE OVER FRESH ASPARAGUS2-3 lbs. pencil-thin fresh asparagus, trimmedextra virgin olive oilSalt, black pepper4 large egg yolks1 T. fresh lemon juiceRed pepper½ c. butter,…

New Year’s Resolution #7

New Year’s Resolution #7

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras – Festival Things


Good Morning Foodies!Today’s Menu:Run Through the Garden Grilled SalmonFlavorful PastalayaHave a great day and be safe!

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