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Seafood Chowder
Today’s Product From Miracle Noodle
Yummy Chocolate Espresso Martini
Pilgrim Hat Cookies


Follow Me For More Holiday Tips.

Follow me for more holiday tips.

Turkey Tray...

Turkey tray…

What's For Dinner???

What’s for Dinner???

Turkey Snackies!!!

Turkey snackies!!!

I Don't Usually Brag...

I don’t usually brag…

I Burned 2000

I burned 2000

Saturday November 27 , 3:30-6:30. Come And Join The Festivities

Saturday November 27 , 3:30-6:30. Come and join the festivities

Stay Calm And Enjoy Those Around You!

Stay calm and enjoy those around you!

Sweet Gabrielle

Sweet Gabrielle celebration. Happy birthday. Love u.

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