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Creamy Berry-Mango Almond Shake
Bacony Cheddar Grits Quiche
Mugful Easy Omelet
Decadent Chocolate-Cookie Crunch Trifle


Real Housewives Of Louisiana

Real Housewives of Louisiana


Good Morning Foodies!“OVER-ACHIEVING”—yep that fits me to the tee. When it comes to providing food for family and friends or just plain entertaining, I know…


Today’s Menu:Mugful Easy OmeletBacony Cheddar Grits QuicheCreamy Berry-Mango Almond ShakeToday I will show you a video on time-saving tips. Take the ones you like and…

This Is The Longest....

This is the longest….


Good Morning Foodies!Today’s Menu:Delicious Creamy Crawfish SoupUnique Grilled Zucchini Roll-UpsDecadent Chocolate-Cookie Crunch TrifleBe careful out there in all this crazy rain/tropical storm/etc.Have a great day…

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