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Healthy Air-Fried Green Tomatoes
Healthy Air-Fried Green Tomatoes
Creamy-Cheesy Corn Casserole
Simple Chicken Fricassee
Peachy Divinity IceBox Pie



Good Morning Foodies!First thing this morning, want to thank all of you for the “GET WELL WISHES” that was sent my way. Trust me, it…

“16” Years Ago Today My Soul, My Rock, My Inspiration Went To The Heavenly Place. I Always Feel Her Love !❣️

“16” Years ago today my soul, my rock, my inspiration went to the heavenly place. I always feel her love !❣️

Good morning Foodies! Sorry kitchen closed today.

A bit under the weather. Have a great day!

Iron Man Competition! Ha, Ha...

Iron Man Competition! Ha, ha…


Good Morning Foodies!Today’s Menu:Simple Chicken FricasseeCreamy-Cheesy Corn CasseroleHealthy Air-Fried Green TomatoesHave a great day and be safe!

I Really Think So!!!!

I really think so!!!!

Happy “13th” Anniversary, Celeste And Joe!

Happy “13th” Anniversary, Celeste and Joe!

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