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Tomato and Summer Squash Risotto

Tomato and Summer Squash Risotto

6 large fresh Creole tomatoes or other flavorful varieties
Kosher salt
3 T. minced garlic, more if needed
1 bunch basil leaves, roughly chopped
Olive oil
½ c. cold butter
¼ c. minced Vidalia onion
¼ c. Arborio rice
½ c. white wine
4 c. vegetable broth
1 c. zucchini, yellow squash (mixed), cut into small dice (reserve the ends)
½ c. freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
½ c. of the Tomato Puree
Kosher salt/black pepper
Fresh Basil leaves, garnish

  1. Preheat oven 325. Core tomatoes, cut in half and lay cut side up on a baking sheet that has a wire rack placed in it.
  2. Season the tomatoes with the salt, sprinkle with the minced garlic and chopped basil.
  3. Drizzle with olive oil and roast in oven for 1 ½ hours.
  4. Remove tomatoes from oven. Discard basil. Puree tomatoes in food processor. This makes about 1 c. but you will only need ½ c. Use the remains for other recipes.
  5. Melt 2 T. butter in saucepan over low heat.
  6. Add the onions and cook slowly, until tender.
  7. In another saucepan, heat the broth and keep it on a simmer. You can place the squash ends and basil stems in the broth to enhance flavor, optional.
  8. Add the rice to butter/onion mixture. Toast, stirring constantly. Do not let rice burn. When rice is toasted, add the wine and cook until all wine is reduced.
  9. Set a timer to 16 minutes. Start adding stock a ladle at a time, just covering the rice. Repeat, adding more stock, each time liquid is absorbed into rice. Continue to stir after each addition of stock to the rice.
  10. At the halfway mark (8-minutes), add half of the squash mixture.
  11. Continue cooking for the final 8 minutes, while adding remaining stock.
  12. Dice the cold butter. When timer goes off, let rice rest for 30 seconds.
  13. Finish by adding the cheese, tomato puree and butter.
  14. Stir and season to taste with salt and pepper. Consistency should be creamy and spread slowly on a plate. If too thick just add some warm stock.
  15. Garnish with basil.
    *You can use just zucchini or yellow squash or basically any veggie you might like.
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