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Fantastic Lemon Tiramisu

Fantastic Lemon Tiramisu

1 (8-oz.) container mascarpone cheese
½ c. sugar
2 t. vanilla
1 c. whipping cream
2 (3-oz.) pkg. ladyfingers (make sure they are soft)
24 (1 ½-oz.) shot glasses
1 ½ c. Quick and Easy Lemon Curd
24 fresh raspberries
24 small fresh mint sprigs

1. Stir together cheese, sugar and vanilla until blended.
2. Beat whipping cream with mixer until soft peaks form at medium speed.
3. Fold into cheese mixture.
4. Spoon mixture into zip-lock plastic bag. Do not seal. Snip 1 corner of bake to make ½” hole.
5. Cut lady fingers in half crosswise.
6. Press 1 ladyfinger into bottom of each shot glass.
7. Spoon 1-2 t. lemon curd into each glass.
8. Pipe a small amount of mascarpone mixture into each glass.
9. Repeat layers once with remaining ladyfingers, curd, and cheese mixture.
10. Top each with 1 raspberry and mint sprig.
11. Cover with plastic wrap and chill 2 hours.

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