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The Big Easy Martini

The Big Easy Martini

3 c. mango vodka, chilled
¾ c. pepper vodka, chilled
¾ c. sweet and sour mix, chilled
¾ c. Simple Syrup (homemade or store bought)
½ c. fresh lime juice, chilled
2 T. water
Maraschino cherries, colored sugars, garnish

1. In pitcher, stir together vodkas, sweet and sour mix, Simple Syrup and lime juice.
2. In small, rimmed dish, place 2 T. water.
3. In separate small bowls, add colored sugars.
4. Garnish martini glasses by dipping rims in water then in desired sugar.
5. Pour vodka mixture into glass.
6. Add cherries and serve.

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