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Easy-Oven Grilled Onion Blossoms

Easy-Oven Grilled Onion Blossoms

Olive oil cooking spray
3-4 large Vidalia onions
Olive oil
Store bought BBQ seasoning
Favorite dipping sauce (Ranch; Blue Cheese, Remoulade, Tartar, Catsup, etc.)

1. Preheat oven or grill to 350.
2. Spray a disposable pie plate with olive oil cooking spray or if use real pie plate, line with foil, then spray with olive oil cooking spray.
3. Peel onion, trim the root end and remove any hairs.
4. Slice the pointy stem end of onion off.
5. Turn the onion so the root end is facing up.
6. Leaving an ½” rim around the root, make 4 cuts into the onion, down to the stem end. This will yield 4 sections.
7. Repeating the same motion, make 3 more cuts into each section of the onion, from root to stem end.
8. Turn onion over to reveal 16 onion petals. With your hands, separate the layers of petals as needed.
9. Place onion stem-side up in prepared pie plate. Generously spray all petals with olive oil cooking spray. Drizzle a little olive oil over the onion as well.
10. Sprinkle with the BBQ seasoning.
11. Put onions on the grill and close grill or in your oven. Roast at 350, checking halfway through, until onion blossom has opened, about 40 minutes (depending on size of onions.)
12. Petals should be tender and darkened on the ends.
13. Remove from grill/oven and serve with your favorite dipping sauce.
*****I sometimes like to surround the onions with a green veggie like green beans, asparagus, snow peas, broccoli, etc. Makes a great side dish when grilling meats, etc.

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