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Caprese-Style Grilled Veggies with Pesto

Caprese-Style Grilled Veggies with Pesto

3 large garlic cloves
¼ c. walnuts, toasted (or your favorite nut)
1 (1-oz.) package fresh basil, stems removed
½ c. grated fresh Parmesan cheese
¼ c. extra-virgin olive oil
¼ c. white balsamic vinegar
2 T. water
1 lb. eggplant, cut diagonally into ½” thick slices
1 large red onion, cut into ½” slices
1 lb. zucchini, diagonally cut into ½ “thick slices
1 lb. yellow squash, diagonally cut into ½” thick slices
2 c. cherry tomatoes
6 oz. mozzarella cheese, sliced
Kosher salt, black pepper
2 (12”) metal skewers

  1. PESTO: With food processor running, drop garlic down chute. Process until minced
  2. Add nuts and basil. Process until finely ground.
  3. Add cheese and next 3 ingredients. Process until smooth. Transfer to bowl, cover and chill.
  4. SALAD: Preheat grill to medium-high.
  5. Place eggplant and onion on grill coated with PAM. Cover and grill 6-8 minutes or until tender. Remove from grill.
  6. Place zucchini and squash on grill rack. Cover and grill 4-6 minutes or until tender. Remove from grill.
  7. Thread tomatoes evenly onto skewers. Spray with PAM.
  8. Place skewers on grill, cover and cook 5-7 minutes or until tender.
  9. Remove tomatoes from skewers.
  10. Arrange veggies, tomatoes and cheese on large platter.
  11. Season with salt and pepper.
  12. Drizzle ½ c. of pesto over salad.
    *Place rest of pesto on side for additions as needed.
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