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Today’s Gadget Is The Press And Roll Counter Top Appliance Tray!

Today’s Gadget is the Press and Roll Counter Top Appliance Tray!

Today’s GADGET is the PRESS AND ROLL COUNTERTOP APPLIANCE TRAY! This GADGET makes your small appliances easier to access (and stow away). This is a fun and functional rolling tray.
When you push the lever, the study steel tray rolls easily across your countertop or table. As soon as you release the lever, it stops rolling and locks in place. Works great with coffee makers, toasters, blenders, etc. Tray has 4 rollers and 2 non-slip pads. The GADGET holds up to 30 lbs. It measures 10 ¼”w x ¾”h x 13”d. It sells for about $20.

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