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Good Morning Foodies! When I go to the mail box at this time of year, I expect to see a flood of GRADUATION INVITATIONS! It is a most wonderful time for these GRADUATES!

If you think really hard, you can remember that feeling—it was a cross between FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN and that FABULOUS SPREADING OF YOUR WINGS! We have all been down that road at some point in time. IT IS A PASSAGE OF LIFE! We must all “TRUST OUR JOURNEY”, at some point in time.
You know the old saying: “THE THREE “C’S OF LIFE—You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE!”

We must all remember as we go through all phases of our lives, “DON’T LET YESTERDAY USE UP TOO MUCH OF TODAY!” We will all make mistakes, but learn from it, and keep moving forward!

Always try to “GROW BIG DREAMS” and never, never put the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS in someone else’s POCKET!
Have a safe and productive weekend!

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