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Good Morning Foodies!

Today’s Menu:
Delightful Mini Cheese Balls
Rosemary Roasted Lamb with Green Beans and Potatoes
Grilled Eggplant Parmesan with Tomato Marinara
Pumped-Up Corny Cornbread
Peachy Divinity Icebox Pie
Cool as a Cucumber Beverage

Today I am sharing a GADGET is the MAGNETIC MICROWAVE SPLATTER COVER. My daughter shared this with me. Put your food into the microwave, cover it with this lid, when it is done, take out of the cover, wash clean and it attaches to the roof of your microwave when not in use. Great way to make space in those other places you had to store the older versions of microwave covers. You have to be sure it will attach to the roof of your microwave before buying it. They sell for about $3. Great space saver.

Have a great day and be safe!

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