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Slimy Cemetery Punch

Slimy Cemetery Punch

2 liters diet root beer
24 gummy worms, more if desired
1 pt. low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt
1 pt. low-fat chocolate frozen yogurt

  1. Arrange gummy worms in 12 compartment ice-tray, letting them hang out over the edges of tray.
  2. Fill with root beer and freeze overnight.
  3. With small ice cream scoop, fill the bottom of a one-gallon punch bowl with scoops of both yogurts. Use the whole container of each yogurt.
  4. Very slowly fill punch bowl with root beer. It will foam up.
  5. Float the wormy ice cubes in top of punch.
  6. Fill each punch cup with a scoop of ice cream and an ice cube.
  7. Float additional worms on top of punch or in each glass.
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