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Today’s Menu:

Grilled Fontina Turkey Panini
Garlicky Grilled Sweet Potato Fries
Spiced Mini Pumpkin

Good Morning Foodies! For those of you who did not have the opportunity to read yesterday’s blog about my snake in the attic, you do not know what you missed. I never saw one little critter stir such crazy and funny conversation! At least I was able to laugh a little about a snake in my attic. I know today is Wednesday but sharing more recipes for your TURKEY DAY! I hope all of you are gearing up for the possible family gatherings. I love to have family and friends over for the holidays. Don’t be afraid to use those festive dishes. Remember, real dishes always make whatever food you are serving look fantastic. Would you rather stare at a while paper plate or some colorful dish! It just makes everyone feel special. Yes, you have to wash dishes but it also creates a family gathering in the kitchen. You will be amazed at the conversation that goes on while cleaning the kitchen. These are precious moments—don’t let them pass you by! Never heard stimulating conversation around the garbage can, while dumping paper and plastic dishes into it! FAMILY means you are part of something WONDERFUL….it means you will always LOVE and BE LOVED for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!! Have a great day!

By the way Foodies, I forgot to tell you what today’s gadget is—-STICKY PADS FOR THE ATTIC TO CATCH CRITTERS! Gonna buy several 12 packs!!!!!!!!



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