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November 19, 2013: Good Morning Foodies! My Exercise Gals and I had the most fabulous time at THE GRAND IN FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA! The town is almost a fairy tale type of place. No litter, no crime, just nice sweet and helpful people, of all ages. The shops, restaurants, sights are exceptional! I highly recommend this place to any of you ladies. Great place for HUBBIES AND PEEPS, also! I also had a revelation about this place: I lost weight on this trip. Therefore, I assume flab is lighter than muscle. I am just thinking I need to go back to The Grand until I lose 20 lbs. Works for me! So I am not trying to skip over THANKSGIVING, but decided to start hauling down some of the decorations because once TURKEY DAY IS HERE—-BAM!—-CHRISTMAS WILL BE HERE! Well, Santa must of not been happy with me. He didn’t exactly leave the coals in my stocking but a nice “SNAKE”! Yep, it was alive and stuck on the sticky traps for the mice. Needless, to say, I have not been having problems with mice! I guess it was a nice buffet for my little friend up there. Now, I have to go through each box and make sure there are no little snakes nestled in the decorations! I can really become a “GRINCH”! This is not funny in one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Menus this week are for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holidays! Enjoy!


Today’s Menu:

Red Pepper Jelly Glazed Ham
Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash
Classic Pumpkin Pie

Little friend found in my attic!


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