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Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Alice’s Pumpkin Bread

Good Morning Foodies! Sorry, for the delay—couldn’t get service to my computer this morning! I guess the fog had control. Today’s post will be the last until after the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS! Today’s menu is a REPEATED ONE! This menu is my all-time favorite for this holiday. Since I have to give PUMPKIN BREADS as gifts, I bake them way back in September and freeze them. Great time saver for the hectic days ahead. I also have to jump in and claim my freezer space before HUBBY fills it up with his “CRITTERS”! The soup is everyone’s favorite on Thanksgiving Day. The one thing that I do love about these upcoming holidays is the food. This is where the term, “COMFORT FOODS”, plays a big role. The greatest thing about these foods, they are created around great memories. The true definition of a “COMFORT FOOD”, is one that when you prepare it or eat it, it instantly brings to mind a memory, a story, a vision! This food fills your belly and then sends the warmth to your heart! It could be something as simple as a SMORE, HOT DOG OR SOME FANCY FOOD. We all have those special foods that create happy memories! Funny thing is that it could be a food that was so bad that it made you laugh, until tears rolled down your legs, but you created a memory that makes you remember. My wish for all you FOODIES, out there, is having someplace to go, called HOME; having someone to love, called FAMILY; and if you have both, you call this a BLESSING! I hope you all have a very wonderful THANKSGIVING and safe travels to your FAMILY! Will be back on Monday, December 2, 2013! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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