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Festive Mardi Gras Salad

Festive Mardi Gras Salad

2 heads of assorted lettuces (you want a contrast in color-dark to light greens)
6-8 mini cucumbers, do not peel, slice and cut each slice in half
1 pt. yellow cherry tomatoes, halved
1 pt. purple cherry tomatoes, halved
Salt, black pepper
Assorted dressings, your choice

  1. Wash lettuces and let dry. Do a rough chop of lettuces and place in bottom of shallow bowl.
  2. Mound the cut cucumbers in center of lettuce.
  3. Place the halved cherries around the cucumbers.
  4. On the side, place salt, black pepper and assorted dressings of your choice.
    *You can also add assorted crumbled cheeses like feta, goat or bleu.
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