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Yes, after "47" Years, still feel like "Honey-Mooners"!!!! Love this man!


Yes, after "47" Years, still feel like "Honey-Mooners"!!!! Love this man!
Yes, after “47” Years, still feel like “Honey-Mooners”!!!! Love this man!

The Honeymooners Good Morning Foodies! FORTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO I MARRIED A MOST MAGNIFICENT GENTLEMAN! I can remember when I was younger and hearing people celebrating wedding anniversaries with “BIG NUMBERS”, I was ASTOUNDED! Then, when I think about it and I am in that place now, it doesn’t seem like such a big number. I really think if I had my LIFE to live over again I would tried to find HUBBY sooner, so that I could love him LONGER. You realize you have been with this person longer than you have been with your parents and I so loved my parents!!!!!!!!! My favorite plaque that says, “RULES FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE” goes like this: Remember to be PATIENT FORGIVE LISTEN to each other Have FUN and LAUGH Be FRIENDS COMPLIMENT Never bring up the PAST COMMUNICATE ALWAYS SAY I LOVE YOU—OFTEN AND MEAN IT KISS each other GOOD NIGHT! I can honestly say that HUMOR really is the gel of our marriage. We are always throwing funny jabs at each other. Thankfully, we see the humor in it and laugh at each other. HUBBY will say: “MARRIAGE IS LIKE A PHONE CALL IN THE NIGHT: FIRST THE RING, AND THEN YOU WAKE UP” “THE ONLY LEGAL WAY TO SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH—GET MARRIED”! Then I throw to him the following: THE FIVE DEADLY TERMS USED BY A WOMAN: 1-“FINE”-The word I use to end an argument when I know I am right and he needs to be quiet. 2-“NOTHING”-This means something and he should be worried. 3-“GO AHEAD”-This is a dare, not permission. DON’T DO IT! 4-“WHATEVER”-My way of saying, do you really want to hear the rest! 5-“THAT’S OK”-I am thinking long and hard on how and when he will pay for his mistake. 6-BONUS WORD-“WOW”!-This is not a compliment. I am just totally amazed at how he “screwed” that up. We all know the TWO GOLDEN RULES TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE ARE: 1-THE WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! 2-WHEN YOU FEEL SHE IS WRONG, SLAP YOURSELF AND READ RULE NUMBER ONE AGAIN! Putting all the silliness aside, I firmly believe being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. This man has given me so much in my life and I cannot even begin to thank him for opening so many doors for me and never questioning any requests that I made. HUBBY IS SO GENEROUS, KIND, LOVING, FUNNY, HONEST AND THE BEST FATHER AND POPPA. His parents, siblings, family and friends have all contributed to the WONDERFUL MAN he is today. I am so lucky to have scooped him up. I know EVERY LOVE STORY is BEAUTIFUL, but OURS IS MY FAVORITE! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HUBBY AND HOPEFULLY WE HAVE MANY MORE BLESSED YEARS AHEAD! KITCHEN CLOSED TONIGHT! Have a safe and productive weekend!

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