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Good Morning Foodies! I do not even know where to begin in thanking all of you FOODIES for the most wonderful comments, thoughts, stories, sentiments sent to HUBBY and ME! We both were in awe of all the fantastic words showered upon us. Brought a few tears to the corner of my eye! You know in today’s world, things can be a little tense, ugly, unbelievable, so that you just want to go in a corner and hide. I wish everyone could feel the love that HUBBY AND I felt.
We celebrate our anniversary with our dearest friends, JIMMIE AND SHARLA DOHERTY, every year. We have the same wedding date. We decided way back, it is good to share a date because as we age, at least one of us will remember the date!!!!!!!!!!!!
JACK AND JACQUE HARDY, another pair of dear friends, joined us at RUTH CHRIS’ STEAK HOUSE IN LAFAYETTE last night. The Hardys brought a beautiful bottle of “PROMISE” WINE. One of our favorites! We would like to thank PAT AND MELISSA FLEMING for the complimentary appetizers sent to our table. It was a most memorable evening and I am so looking forward to many more blessed years with HUBBY, MY PEEPS, MY GRAND PEEPS, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS AND OF COURSE, MY FOODIES!
Again thank you all for the love felt way over here in the kitchen!
Have a most wonderful and safe weekend!


Dohertys Roses

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