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Today’s Menu:

Salmon Fillet Rolls with Spinach Madeline

Potato Croquettes

Italian Cream Cake

Good Morning Foodies: This past weekend there was a “BABY SHOWER” for my forthcoming GRAND PEEP #9 and of course her MOMMIE! Some of my daughter’s dear friends gave her the most wonderful gathering. Even though this is my daughter’s second baby, they now call them “SPRINKLE SHOWERS”—not sure what that means. Since Celeste, my daughter, thinking they would not be blessed with another child, gave away most of her baby stuff—SO YES, SHE HAD TO START ALL OVER! The hostesses, Celeste’s high school friends, AMY, LYCIA AND CHRISTINA did a fabulous job. I just love sitting back and watching these kids that grew up into loving adults. As I looked around and observed all the décor, food and sincere love they share for each other, I think yes, “SOMETHING WE DID AS PARENTS, SUNK IN”! So proud of them all. It brings to mind the famous saying, “MAY YOUR HOME ALWAYS BE TOO SMALL TO HOLD ALL YOUR FRIENDS”—I LOVE THAT SAYING!
Just a quick note about the menus this week. These are some of my old Italian heritage recipes. You will see the recipe for the Potato Croquettes that is so old it is in the metric system. I tried to help you out a bit by putting a conversion scale for you. Metric system can be challenging for us that who did not grow up using it. I think you can cheat here and there in most recipes except when it comes to baking desserts. Those measurements have to be pretty consistent. Never let a recipe scare you—just give it your best!
As you can see, we are just about to finish up this month of September. Hold on because it is the quickest downhill ride toward THE HOLIDAYS—LET THE BLUR BEGIN: HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS—YEP, get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY I THINK MY TIGERS AND SAINTS ARE IN TROUBLE!!! Have a great day!


"Sprinkle Shower"
“Sprinkle Shower”

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"Sprinkle Shower" Hostesses with Honoree !
“Sprinkle Shower” Hostesses with Honoree !
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