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Zesty Mexican-Street Corn Salad

Zesty Mexican-Street Corn Salad

8 ears of fresh corn, shucked
2-3 fresh jalapenos
1 c. diced red bell pepper
1 c. chopped green onion
½ c. chopped cilantro
½ c. finely crumbled cotija cheese
¼ c Miracle whip or mayo
3 T. fresh lime juice
Kosher salt/black pepper
1 t. smoked paprika
Garnish: Grilled lime wedges, chopped fresh cilantro, crumbled cotija cheese

  1. Preheat grill 400-450.
  2. Grill corn and jalapenos over direct heat, turning occasionally, until charred, 10-12 minutes.
  3. Remove from grill.
  4. Cut corn off cobs.
  5. Peel jalapenos, cut in half lengthwise and remove seeds. Chop peppers.
  6. In large bowl, combine corn, jalapeno, bell pepper, green onion, cilantro and cheese. Toss to mix.
  7. In small bowl, whisk together mayo, lime juice, salt, paprika and black pepper.
  8. Add the corn mixture, toss well. Taste for seasoning.
  9. Garnish!
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