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Good Morning Foodies! Oh yes, I feel like I am on a roll but not the good type. Trying to keep up with all the scheduled events that are starting to pop up. This weekend is going to be crazy—have a wedding to attend and my precious GRAND PEEP, BLAIR, is making her FIRST COMMUNION! By the way, I am posting a pic of BLAIR’S EASTER CONTRIBUTION TO THE DESSERT TABLE! I must say, I thought it was pretty amazing! I have found, that since I have created GEAUXASKALICE, when family members prepare a dish, they step outside the box and do some pretty creative dishes. I am so proud of BLAIR and as you can see, SHE IS VERY PROUD OF HER CREATIONS! She was also excited that I was putting her on my site! GEAUX BLAIR!

With all the upcoming festivities I want to be calm and remind myself, “DON’T GIVE UP—-EVEN MOSES WAS A BASKET CASE!”

My new daily prayer is, “Dear Lord, So far today, I am doing alright. I have not whined, complained, been grumpy, nasty or selfish. I haven’t eaten any chocolate, yet……

But, I am going to get out of bed in one minute and I might need a lot more help!”

As I was always told, growing up, “LIFE IS LIKE RIDING A BICYCLE. IN ORDER TO KEEP YOUR BALANCE, YOU MUST KEEP MOVING!” So I will do my best!

Kitchen will be closed until Wednesday, April 30th because of all my activities coming up. Will see you then! Try to get out there and enjoy some of the wonderful events going on this week. This is the first week of NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FEST and the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL IN LAFAYETTE. Just like the commercial says—GEAUX OUT AND TEST ALL YOUR SENSES!!!!! Be safe and have a productive weekend!

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