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Wednesday, January 30, 3013

Good Morning Foodies! Hope everyone survived the weather during the night. Gets sort of freaky sometimes! Today is Repeat Wednesday, as you all know. Oh how time is flying! Getting close to the big “65” birthday. I was wondering if ObamaCare is the same as BetterCare! I hope so! I was thinking about BOTOX—then I realized that WINE IS CHEAPER AND PARALYZES MORES MUSCLES! … So it doesn’t matter if the GLASS IS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY—IT IS QUITE OBVIOUS, EITHER WAY, THERE IS ROOM FOR MORE WINE! By the way, had to laugh at the people, who swarmed Benny’s, for the muffaletta sandwiches. I think I need to warn Benny’s when I mention a product of theirs that I am promoting. You all have a great day!

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