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Super Marts Melon Scoop

Two gadgets today:

Two gadgets today
Uncommon Goods Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press Set
Two gadgets today
Super Marts Melon Scoop

Today’s I have two GADGETS that you might find handy with upcoming EASTER and not far behind, the SUMMER VACATION ERA!
The first is the SUPER MARTS MELON SCOOP! Melon-lovers now have it easy with this tool that separates the fruit from its skin, sans knife. It is a perfect tool for kids and adults alike to make quick and healthy snacks. You can even use it to separate the seeds from fruit. It sells for about $8.00

The second gadget is the UNCOMMON GOODS MINI ICE CREAM SANDWICH PRESS SET. This set of ice cream sandwich presses come in three different shapes, so you can make super adorable ice cream sandwiches any time you want with both, home-made or store-bought cookies. Simply press the base onto a cookie, gently push the cookie inward, and then use the tube to scoop ice cream into the center, stamp another cookie layer and then swirl the handle to pop your perfect treat out of the mold. Comes in a set of three shapes: HEART, CIRCLE AND STAR! This gadget sells for about $15.00

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