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Today’s Gadget Is The Stainless-Steel Wine Chiller And Stemless Glass Chillers!

Today’s Gadget is the Stainless-Steel Wine Chiller and Stemless Glass Chillers!

Today’s GADGET is the STAINLESS-STEEL WINE CHILLER AND STEMLESS GLASS CHILLERS! Oh yes, just in time for FOOTBALL SEASON and any other gathering of sorts! From the kitchen to the backyard and beyond-wine, champagne and sparkling water stay perfectly chilled thanks to double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel. Keep rose, champagne, and even sparkling water at a perfectly cool temperature for hours. The stemless glass is much harder to spill and will let you sip in style. CHEERS TO THAT! These were found on and the WINE CHILLER SELLS FOR $90 AND THE STEMLESS GLASS CHILLERS are $35 for a set.

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