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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Savannah and her beautiful chocolate birthday cake.
Grand Peep Savannah’s Birthday Celebration


Good Morning Foodies! We had a grand time at GRAND PEEP #4’S BIRTHDAY DINNER! Here is a little story about birthday cakes. My Hubby told me, when we were first married, that his mom would always bake a birthday cake, and bring it to him, while he was in college. He said he never forgot that! So, here I am, 45 years later, making and bringing cakes to my PEEPS AND GRAND PEEPS! I have actually cut back on the out-of-town deliveries, but if I can somehow get a cake to them, I try my best. The chocolate cake is my signature cake but some of the GRAND PEEPS make requests for different cakes. I always try to fill their requests. When I see their faces, it melts my heart. I remember bringing my baby daughter a cake at her first job in Baton Rouge. She had tears in her eyes. That definitely made my day! I figure at some point and time, it will make an impression on them, and I like that thought! You see it really doesn’t take much to touch someone’s heart and make your heart swell as well. Have a great weekend and be safe!

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