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Good Morning Foodies!

Today’s Repeat Menu:

Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole
Easy French Toast Bake
Brandy Alexander

Today featuring a PRODUCT! This is fairly new and I have not seen it yet but I see plenty of ads for it. “WELCH’S FROZEN AVOCADOS”! For the AVOCADO AFICIONADO-Welch’s FROZEN AVOCADOS are ripe-frozen so that they are always ready right when you need them. So convenient, not sliced, not diced, just perfectly hand-chunks and so versatile, they can be used in a variety of recipes like POKE BOWLS, DRESSINGS, SANDWICHES, SALADS, ETC. They are also sodium and cholesterol free and a source of fiber and just 50 calories per serving. They are available in 10 oz. and 32 oz. size bags. There is a store in Krotz Springs, LA, “KARTCHNER’S” and I did notice in their freezer, frozen avocados that are ready to mix with pico for a great dip. I tried it and was quite tasty. From this experience, I think the frozen avocados are going to be a good thing! I know It is such a hit and miss when to buy fresh avocados so that they are just the right ripened stage for the recipe you need. This sure takes the worry and guessing out! I THINK IT IS A WINNER!

Menu today for those THANKSGIVING GUESTS who stay over and need breakfast/brunch!

Have a great day!

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