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Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! Ok, didn’t need my alarm to wake up this morning.  The THUNDER BOOMERS worked quite nicely-THANK YOU!   This was my catch-up weekend!  I think the Christmas stuff caught me and threw me to the mat.  Trying to stay a couple of steps ahead, because something will always pop up, that throws you off-track!  Stay vigilant. Today, I am sharing my recipe for “ALICE’S CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUT BUTTER BALLS”!  This is a must at our house for the holidays.  How can you miss with chocolate and peanut butter!  Give them a try! The other recipe will give you some choices to make more than one meal of the roast.  A real time saver! Today, I am going to make this post, short and sweet.  Last week, after launching my website, I got the best gift ever.  My children told me that they were proud of me!  You know as parents, we are always, trying to compliment our children and build their self-esteem.  Never in my days, did I ever think about my children telling me, they were proud of me.  It simply rocked my boat.  That was the sweetest thing!  I guess it just goes to show you, we are never too old to receive compliments.  So, I am telling you, if you know someone who deserves a little boost in their life, make their day!  YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!  Thanks to my children for making me feel like I am contributing SOMETHING, TO SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE !!!!  HAVE A GREAT DAY BECAUSE I AM HAVING ONE OF THE BEST OF MY LIFE!

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