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Lime-Tarragon Butter Gilled Corn with Queso Fresco

Lime-Tarragon Butter Gilled Corn with Queso Fresco

6 ears of fresh corn, husks in tact
1 stick butter, softened
3 T. fresh lime juice
1 T. finely chopped tarragon
Salt, black pepper
2 T. chile powder
¼ t. ground cinnamon
¼ lb. queso fresco or feta, finely crumbled
Soak corn in water for 1 hour.
Light a grill.
On large plate, blend butter with lime juice and tarragon and season with salt and pepper.
Spread the butter mixture into a 1/3” thick layer in center of plate.
In bowl, mix the chile powder and cinnamon.
Grill corn over moderate high heat, turning often, until husks are evenly charred all over, about 20-25 minutes.
Carefully peel back husks but leave attached to cobs.
Discard the corn silk and use husks as a handle.
Roll the corn in softened butter, top with thick layer of the cheese and sprinkle with the chile powder mixture.
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