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April 15, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies!  I sure hope my followers are still out there and not jumped ship.  Today, I would also like to wish my beautiful daughter, Celeste and my handsome, son-in-law, Joe, a very happy anniversary!  I want to thank all of you for your birthday wishes and all the nice words.  It was so great to read them all.  Only bad thing, about my birthday this year, HAD TO RENEW MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!  GRRRR!!!!!!!  Ah, but to my surprise, you can now do all that on the computer.  Gee, I thought and miss all that great hospitality at the DMV!  Anyway, it was a breeze!  They don’t change your picture, your weight, your height, or hair color!  I thought now, I wish they had this when I was in my 20’s and keep the same info and pic.  I must say they have my same weight from my very first driver’s license.  I think that I am probably committing some sort of felony!  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN—GOD KNOWS THE INFO ON THE LICENSE IS FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, after saying all that on the internet—if I am not here tomorrow—come visit me in prison, I think. So much info to share, but will try to spread it out over the next 3 days.  First, my comments about the 5K walk, held this past Saturday, April 13th for LOPA.  I must say, this was the first time I have ever entered, one of these events.  I was a little apprehensive, but once I saw all the people, it calmed my inner spirits.  When the starting gun sounded, wow, the adrenalin popped in.  When the walk was completed, there were two very obvious feelings, I was having.  First, I felt exhilarated to complete something so fulfilling, first thing in the morning and second, knowing I did something for someone else and for a great cause.  I felt a little “ROCKYISM”, when crossing the finish line.  I think I would definitely do this again.  I saw all shapes, ages and speeds on this race.  This sort of parallels life:  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE ON THE PATH OF LIFE, AS LONG AS YOU ARE ON ONE!  Yes, sometimes, we have to stop or step off the path, but the journey is yours and you do it to fulfill your needs.  I firmly believe if you take care of yourself, then all others in your life, will benefit as well.  Today and tomorrow’s menus will feature the Italian Dinner, that a group of people, purchased at a fund raiser, for a great cause!  Proceeds are for Miya, this beautiful and courageous, 15-year old, battling cancer. I am very humbled, by having to do this dinner, for this most generous group of people.  Since the menu is quite lengthy, I am going to split it into two days. Not all pics of the foods will be here because I will not make the dish until later this week.  I will post the pics when I prepare the dish, bare with me!   When you bow your head and thank God for all your blessings, say a little extra prayer for Miya and her family.  Remember, GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS KNEE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!


Photo at the finish of the LOPA walk
“Here Comes Trouble Team” completed 5K in 44:40. Yeah us! LOPA Walk 2013!
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