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My favoite flower…. Sweetpeas!

Sweetpeas – They are so pretty and smell divine!
Good Morning Foodies!  Will be back posting on Monday, yeah!!!!!!!!!!  For those of you interested in Sweetpeas.  You have to plant them in November.  Just put a reminder on your calender.  I actually just throw the seeds in beds and pots where I know they can climb on things.  I know the birds get  some but for the most part, they sprout up this time of the year.  They are so pretty and smell divine.  My grandmother always planted them on a trellis.  She told me they were my flowers since they bloom in April and my birthday is in April.  I recall thinking she had magic that she could make them appear for my birthday!  Maybe it was!  Don’t forget the 5K run this week for the Organ Donation Program in memory of Morgan and Sarah.  Have a safe weekend!
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