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Grandmothers Old Bread Bowls

large old bread bowls filled with food being prepared

Good Morning Foodies!  I forgot to mention the wonderful services of Russell’s catering in Arnaudville.  They also have a new little business called, THE LITTLE BIG CUP”—I think that is it.  Wonderful coffee shop but they also do fabulous plate dinners in the evening for the most crazy low prices.
 It was brought to my attention, one of my Foodies, Leonie Genovese, helped with the fantastic little petit fours, you see in the picture of the Christening Cake, from yesterday.  Great job!  Russell’s does make the best petit fours ever.  Check them out!
So, I do not know, what I would of done, without my Grandmother’s old bread bowls.  Those big oversized bowls, helped me with the food preparation for the Academy of the Sacred Heart event on Saturday, December 1.  Those bowls are real life savers.  So, I think I am ready.  My hubby, my PA, Mel and ole Pat Fleming, manager of Ruth Chris’ in Lafayette will be my assistants.  Mr. Fleming says all I need are HAIR NETS, WATER BOTTLES, GOGGLES, GLOVES, HARD HATS,ETC.  I am thinking they would really like a TV to watch the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!!!  So if you get a chance, come by and see us.  We will be the HAPPY, GO-LUCKY GROUP!!!!  Probably only people not getting paid, NON-PROFIT  TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!   Have a great weekend and be safe!


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