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Going live…

Good Morning Foodies!  Well, I have to say, I feel like I started this new month off with a bang!  With tremendous help from my friends, we finally gave life to my Geaux Ask Alice, website.  I am so pleased with the outcome.  As I said before, we have to do some tweaking, so please be patient with us, until we get all the kinks out.  Please spread the word or share the site with your friends, who are not on FB.  I would greatly appreciate that!  I also had my first debutante coming out party (of course, my tiara was a hairnet!).  Thanks to all the little mommas, at Sacred Heart, for allowing me, to have a little show place at their Christmas at Coteau.  Really need to thank, Pat Fleming ,for his assistance.  His expertise in these showings from Ruth’s Chris’ really paid off.  I felt like a hunting dog—he would say, WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!  SIT! SIT! SIT! —NOW GEAUX!!!!!!!!  Also have to thank Melody Dupre, my trusty PA.  She is always there when I need her and with a big smile on her face.  Then ,of course, thanks to my hubby, Pat.  He was a good  sport and was there to help in any way shape or form.  Hats off to all of you! When Mel, called me on Friday, to tell me that my website was up and running, I was sort of in shock.  I ran to the computer, opened the site:  I GASPED FOR AIR!  HAD TEARS IN MY EYES!  AND MY HEART WAS POUNDING SO FAST!— then I realized I had rolled over my toe with my desk chair—OUCHIE, OUCHIE!  Anyway, here we are, right into December.  You all know what that means!   Try not to hit the panic button.  Plan ahead and you should do great.  As I said, the postings this month will be geared toward entertaining.  My goal as always, SIMPLE, QUICK AND DELICIOUS!!!!!!!  Have a great day!

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