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June 10, 2013:


Good Morning Foodies!


Just a reminder that I am not posting menus today! Still have my GRAND PEEPS from Baton Rouge. Will be bringing them to their Momma Hen today! Have really enjoyed having them for the past 4 days! I don’t get to have them that often. Life just flies by too fast. POPPA (AKA HUBBY) cooked his world famous BBQ chicken for them last nite. Those of you who know my HUBBY, he likes his BBQ chicken and he likes his legs and thighs. So here goes the conversation with the GRAND PEEPS!

Poppa to Eldest Grand Peep: “What piece of chicken do you want?” She says which one is the piece that is often dry? He says usually the breast but I sometimes do overcook the legs and thighs and they are tough! Okay, I will take the breast! ONE GRAND PEEP DOWN!

Poppa to Youngest Peep: “What piece of chicken do you want? He says he doesn’t care! TWO GRAND PEEPS DOWN!

Poppa to Middle Peep: “What piece of chicken do you want? He boldly says, THE LEG! After his fourth leg, he requested another. Poppa (doing the math in his head—DOES THIS KID KNOW HOW MAY LEGS ARE ON A CHICKEN!) says to him—I am going to give you a thigh. Peep is firm about his leg selection. Poppa says, you know the thigh is more tender and is connected right to the leg. The leg is tough because the chicken walks on it all day! BAMN—ANOTHER GRAND PEEP DOWN!

I asked my daughter, would she like to trade the 3 PEEPS for the one POPPA (working on his sharing skills!)

Anyway, I thought that whole conversation was priceless! Will be back posting tomorrow!

Have a great day!

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