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Good Morning Foodies! Ok, the ole gray mare ain’t what she use to be! Man, those GRAND PEEPS are so much fun, but that energy. I often say God screwed that up. He should of given us old farts, that energy and spared it on the younger generation. I know I can find more things to do with that excess energy. Another worthy notification, you ever notice that LITTLE BOYS LIKE TO MAKE NOISES COME OUT OF EVERY OPENING IN THEIR BODY AND THEN SOME! I find their reactions of these sounds make them laugh so hard. You would think they invented that sound. I know, you know, what I am talking about. I think their most favorite is to pass gas and pretend like they don’t know where it is coming from. Sorry, to say it is not a characteristic that men seem to outgrow! Anyway, I sort of made a face at one, as air was escaping. He said, “GRAMMIE, DON’T WORRY I WAS BLOWING YOU SILENT KISSES!” Ok, can’t but help and laugh at that! I am sure I will live another day to have the wisdom of the youths, surprise me again! They are fun and very entertaining! Since this is a short week of postings, today’s menu will feature a little treat for all the dads. I hope you enjoy the menu! Have a great day!


Today’s Menu:

Honey-Marinated Flank Steak
Corn Stuffed Creole Tomatoes
Peach Praline Pie


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