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Good Morning Foodies! Well, my SAINTS looked awesome but my CONGRESS looks pitiful. “I AM NOT SAYING CONGRESS IS STUPID BUT JUST HAVE BAD LUCK WHEN IT COMES TO THINKING!” Anyway, how about that 5’5” SPROLES! He was amazing! I am going to use today as “REPEAT WEDNESDAY”! So busy tying up loose ends before we leave for our trip to SICILY. A little worried about this GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN. They say it will affect the security checks at airports. Probably will miss plane connections and it will take forever to get home! GRRRRR!!!!!!! I really hate when I have to leave my site for such a lengthy time but I will do my best to send pics of the trip and of course, THE FOOD! I will be back posting on October 21, 2013. It will just be in time to celebrate HALLOWEEN AND THE YAMBILEE! I am looking forward to making some family connections on this trip. I know my Dad would be so excited for me. He was lucky enough to go there in his lifetime. He was so thrilled by the adventure. In my mind, “THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE TO THOSE WHO HAVE LEFT US IS TO LIVE FULLY IN THEIR PLACE!” Wish us luck on our trip and you all be safe while I am gone!


Today’s Menu:

Beef, Pork, Chicken Medley Kebobs with Veggies
Spooky Ghosts

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