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Good Morning Foodies! This is going to be a short week for postings. No, I am not exhausted from anniversary celebrations or watching my TIGERS lose. They gave it their all! Actually, I am packing for another trip. This is a long awaited trip for me. About 20 of us are going to Sicily for about 12 days. We all pitched in and rented a Villa in Catania. On the front end of the trip, everyone is doing their own thing and meeting at the villa on the 5th. HUBBY AND I will be landing in Palermo. We chose to go there because I want to visit my dad’s roots. His family grew up in the town of CORELEONE (Imagine that, I think I am related to the “GODFATHER”!) This is a trip I have wanted to do for a long time. I hope I can make some connections with family members there. It should be interesting. Recently, I had a request for “TURTLE SOUP” from my FOODIE FOLLOWER, STEPHEN SEBASTEIN. His brother and wife have recently opened a WESTEND SEAFOOD MARKET in Opelousas. This is one of those dishes I don’t think I would like preparing. I do enjoy eating it. I think this is a man’s job! In my research, I saw some pretty disgusting pics of the turtle before, during and after. Not a pretty site. I am sharing some of the pics with you. I didn’t have an exact recipe but I pulled my resources together and came up with one that I think would be pretty good. Colonel Winton Vidrine makes the best TURTLE SOUP ever. It just seems like it takes about 2 weeks to make. You know you have to go catch those little suckers. I think the only ones I could catch are the ones trying to cross the highway. That is about my speed! So, if you are into “TURTLE SOUP”, enjoy today’s menu! Have a great day! I AM HOPING MY SAINTS WIN BIG TONITE! GEAUX BREEZY! GOTTA GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today’s Menu:

Ninja Turtle Soup
Caesar Salad Tartlets


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