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Edible Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Edible Christmas Tree Centerpiece

4-6 lettuce leaves
8 c. mixed broccoli, broccoflower(lighter green broccoli) and cauliflower heads, blanched
1 c. baby carrots
4-8 c. mixed veggies like cherry tomatoes, mixed olives, and Giardiniera Mixed Pickled Veggies
1 slice of carrot (cut in a star shape)
Styrofoam cone and toothpicks
Favorite dipping sauces

  1. Place the cone on your serving platter.
  2. Using toothpicks wrap the lettuce leaves around the cone. You can also use lettuce leaves to line your serving platter, if desired.
  3. After blanching broccoli, etc. in salted boiling water, chill them immediately to keep the color.
  4. Using the largest of the broccoli flower heads, place on foam starting at the base and work your way up securing with toothpicks.
  5. Push ½ of the carrots randomly into the foam.
  6. Take the rest of veggies and cut into small pieces and fill any empty spots and brighten up the tree. Use toothpicks only if needed.
  7. Mix remaining carrots with the remaining veggies and place around the base of the tree.
  8. Top with star.
  9. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.
    *Sometimes I take the leftover carrots, olives, tomatoes with the juice from the Giardiniera mixed pickled veggies to add a little zest. You can also just marinate the veggies for more flavor.
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