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Chocolate Pretzel

Chocolate Pretzel Crisps


Chocolate Pretzel Crisps
Recipe By:
  • 1 bag of pretzel crisps (This is a new pretzel. It looks like a bagel chip, delicious.)
  • Choice of Candy (Rolo, Caramel or Mini Peanut Butter Cup, etc.)
  • 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate morsels (mini, works well)
  1. Melt the chocolate morsels in microwave and set aside.
  2. On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, lay the pretzel crisps on it.
  3. Place one of your candy selection on top of the crisp.
  4. Put in 325 oven for 3- 5 minutes until candy is soft.
  5. Take out of oven and gently press another crisp on top of the other one.
  6. Drizzle with melted chocolate morsels.
  7. Let cool. You can place in refrigerator to speed up the chilling process.
  8. Store in air tight container.
*****This is from my sister-in-law, Becky Morrow Cato. She is a fabulous cook. She shares some of her great dishes with me. Love that!

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