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 From the Sea Mold
Alice’s Hot Broccoli Dip

Good Morning Foodies! A little note about yesterday’s recipe for the cheese ball. During the Christmas holidays, you can divide up the cheese ball and make several smaller balls or logs. I like to roll one in paprika and the other in dried or fresh parsley and place on the serving plate. The red and green helps with the Christmas festivities! Okay now, Stay focused Foodies! Take each day one at a time. When purchasing those gifts, really, really, really try to give that person something that reflects their personality and talents. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I always love receiving a gift that I know that person stopped and took the time and thought about what I would really like rather than handing me a gift card. I am not saying gift cards are bad but it doesn’t take any more effort to try and get a gift that person will love. Just the feeling that someone took extra time to surprise me usually is more important than the gift. With that said, I find as I get older, THE BEST GIFT AROUND ANY CHRISTMAS TREE IS THE PRESENCE OF MY LOVED ONES (FAMILY AND FRIENDS)!!!!

Have a great day!

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