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Christmas countdown begins!

Today’s Menu:

Party Time Cheese Ball
Alice’s Cocktail Meatballs

Good Morning Foodies! I really dislike saying that the countdown begins. I try to enjoy each day and push the crazies as far away as possible. I truly enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. The weather was just perfect. I love cold days and not sweaty carports. With our large group of 50 plus, everyone brings something. I don’t try to figure out who is bringing what or if something is missing. My whole thought process on this, is that you know that person is going to bring something that is their “A” game. You can bet that the menu will be 99 percent terrific! AND IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes you get to taste new dishes or maybe a twist on an old favorite. I like learning something new all the time when it comes to food preparation.

I decided that for the next three weeks I will bring back some oldies but goodies. These were some of my favorites, way back in the 70 & 80’s. They are classic and never seem to lose their appeal. My words for you today regarding the upcoming Christmas holidays is this: “REMEMBER SOME PURSUE HAPPINESS BUT ISN’T IT BETTER TO CREATE IT!” Have a great day!

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