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Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Spinach Manicotti

Italian Plum Tomato and Artichoke Panzanella Salad

Hazelnut Torte

Good Morning Foodies: The menus this week are some of my family’s most favorite items. I get many requests for my “SPINACH MANICOTTI”. It is one of those dishes that if you are going to make them, go ahead and make a big batch and freeze them. The hardest part of this dish is the cooking of the manicotti noodle. You really have to almost undercook them. They split so easily and there is such a loss. I usually have to cook double the noodles to get enough that are not split. I finally wised up and just boil the lasagna noodles, spread the spinach mixture along the noodle and roll it up and just place in baking dish. They are even more attractive I think. So if you get tired of the split noodles give this method a try.
We have a standing menu with our neighbors, JIM AND SHARLA DOHERTY, that I cook this dish for Jim’s birthday in the years that end in zero. So in theory, you can see that is about every “10” years. I do try to increase that production but we laugh about it all the time.
I do try to keep a bunch in my freezer but I do have a PEEP that steals them all the time.
Of course, when I do cook these meals, which reflect my ITALIAN BACKGROUND, I love to close my eyes and have a visual of all those lovely family members who are no longer with me and listen closely to the meal blessing—“LORD, WE THANK YOU FOR THE FOOD BEFORE US, THE FRIENDS BESIDE US, THE LOVE BETWEEN US AND YOUR PRESENCE AMONG US. AMEN”
Have a great day!

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