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Good Morning Foodies! I am wondering what comes to your mind when I say, “APPRECIATING THE SMALL THINGS”! I think when we are confronted with that question, we dare to venture into the magical world of all the things that we are blessed with. For me, right now—NOT THE CASE! I get more nostalgic as I get closer to the 25th of December. I promise you I get overwhelmed just like the rest of you. I have to wrap so many gifts, I think I put Santa’s elves to shame. As of today, I have wrapped 297 gifts. So you know what really small thing I appreciate—SCOTCH TAPE! I wondered how people wrapped gifts before scotch tape. What a scary thought for me. I guess they put some type of glue or just hoped the twine/ribbon held it together. All I can say is, “I LOVE MY SCOTCH TAPE!” See it doesn’t have to be a big thing that makes you happy! My hope for you FOODIES is: “CHRISTMAS FILLS YOUR HOME WITH JOY—YOUR HEARTS WITH LOVE—AND YOUR LIVES WITH LAUGHTER! Be safe out there in your last minute shopping and visiting! Have a great weekend!—Enjoy the day—13 days and counting!

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