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Today’s Gadget: “STAINLESS GRILL”!
Good Morning Foodies! I think it sort of nice that today’s repeat menu includes zucchini. My garden has been swamped with this veggie this summer. It made me real creative in coming up with different ways to use the zucchini. I must say, most of them were quite tasty.
Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is THE STAINLESS GRILL.
I don’t know about you but there are times I like to put smaller items on the grill but hate chasing them all over the place. THE STAINLESS GRILL will no longer let the prepared foods slip through the cracks. This pan keeps delicate and finely chopped foods intact on the grill while allowing heat and smoke to rise through the holes for flavorful cooking. Generously sized with secure handles for lifting with hot mitts. BEST OF ALL MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!
Also today, I am throwing in a little tidbit for getting more use out of your herbs. We all know that the summer temps can wreak havoc on herbs. I find once they start to grow wildly and start thinning out, I try to save them the best way I can.
I take old fashioned ice cube trays and snip the herbs and place into the cubes. Then pour over them a good olive oil or even a flavored olive oil and freeze them. Once frozen, I place them in zip-lock bags and label them. When you are ready for them, just pop out of the freezer and place into your hot skillet or dish that you are preparing. For example, I used a lemon-infused olive oil with a mixture of thyme, sage and rosemary and used it in grilling fish or placing in foil packets of chicken or fish to grill. It is great on veggies also. Your imagination is your only limitation!
Have a great day!
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