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Good Morning Foodies! I am starting to feel back to normal—WHATEVER THAT MIGHT MEAN! I actually got to sit down and look at the 1066 pictures on my camera. Trying to DOWNLOAD THEM SO I CAN UPLOAD THEM—HAS BEEN A TASK! I can see I need my trusty PA, MEL! Sicily was quite beautiful. I do prefer the smaller towns to the big cities. Overall, the people are so kind, gentle and most helpful. I always feel bad when I go to a foreign country and make them try to speak my language. I should try a little harder to learn their language—IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL ONE AT THAT! I am so grateful to my daughter, Celeste, who guided me through Corleone. She has done extensive family research and told me where and what to look for. I should have had her on the trip. I know she would of asked way more questions than I ever thought to do. Overall, I am pleased to have been to my Father’s roots!

There are three things that I did not particularly enjoy seeing or doing:
1-In many of the cities and towns, at HIGH NOON, they close down everything. I am well aware of businesses, etc. doing this. They take their afternoon break anywhere from noon to 4 p.m. What I did not like, was that they closed the churches. I don’t ever think in all my visits to Italy have I ever been told to leave a church. I understand the economy is not so strong and they have to have security guards for the churches, etc. I guess they can’t afford to pay them. It was a disgrace to see how people have written on all the beautiful buildings, statutes, etc. NO RESPECT FOR SUCH WORKS OF WONDER! I think I might have to have a talk with the POPE! CAN’T BE THROWING PEOPLE OUT OF CHURCH!!!
2-Everywhere we went, most people wanted to find cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. that have “WIFI”!!! UGH! I think we need to be more “WIFREE”! One of my most favorite things to do is to just stop in some piazza, sit and have vino or coffee, and watch the people come and go. I loved watching people sitting around engaged in conversations. NOT SO MUCH ANY MORE! My friends, it is not only in USA, but all over, people have their heads bent down looking at laptops, iPads, iPhones, iPods, etc. You name it—SOCIETY HAS BECOME A SLAVE TO ELECTRONICS. Every place I looked, instead of people engaging in each other, they were more interested in that object in their hand! SUCH A SAD THING!
3-The last thing I want to rant about is this: THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH DAYS TO TASTE ALL THE DIFFERENT GELATOS!
Ok, gonna step off my soap box and get back to just being a FOOD BLOGGER! I think I will buy a new leash to attach to my neck and my computer. Don’t want to wander off too far! I also, want to take the following time to wish the following people happy birthday! Today, wishes go out to my brother-in-law, Mike Lofton and my handsome son-in-law, Joe Lopez. Then tomorrow, my daughter-in-law, Nicole Bridges Morrow, will celebrate her birthday! She is a true blessing! Finally, on Sunday, my beautiful daughter, Celeste Morrow Lopez, will celebrate her big day! Yes, they kill me in the month of OCTOBER for BIRTHDAY GIFTS! I would never trade that feeling of celebration for anything in the world! I learned that from my dad—HE SO LOVED BIRTHDAYS AND PARTIES! ALWAYS TAKE TIME TO CELEBRATE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE!
Have a great and safe weekend!

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