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Good Morning Foodies! Hope you all are enjoying this most wonderful weather! This is one of my most favorite times of the year! I wish the moon could stay full the whole time—IT ADDS SUCH BEAUTY! This week I am going to share with you some of the Sicilian Sayings that I thought were so right on and cute, if I must say so! The first one was about the way they drive over there. There are no rules or regulations! If you can fit 3 to 6 cars across a roadway, more power to you. On our first day out (HUBBY DRIVING!!!), our tour guide was sitting in front seat with him. I could tell she was a little nervous with an AMERICAN driving in her homeland. People park anywhere on the side of the street as long as their car fits. They will even park up on the sidewalk and in any direction they like best. The thing that caught our attention was this! The tour guide tells Pat when you approach a light or stop sign, you determine what to do. They call it, “IN YOUR OPINION-DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!” I must say it created some scary moments but HUBBY got the hang of it. So today, our favorite saying when we are driving is, “IN MY OPINION THAT LIGHT WAS GREEN!” Not so sure if we are pulled over here in America, they would agree with our new methods of driving! I do have to say, in the 12 days in Sicily, never saw one accident—YES SAW A LOT OF VEHICLES WITH DENTS AND SCRATCHES! So as you know we are in the week of scary things that bump in the dark! I love this holiday—GREAT EXCUSE TO EAT ALL THAT CANDY WITHOUT GUILT! Have a great day!

Today’s Menu:

Pumpkin Head Cheese Ball

Alice’s Beef Stew
Twice Baked Yams



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