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Today’s Menu:

Vickie’s Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie

Cucumber and Feta Greek Salad with Greek Salad Vinaigrette

Good Morning Foodies! Didn’t you just love that cold weather? I just love it! Nothing better than enjoying that cold weather with our fabulous food selections, warm and fuzzy clothing, nice roaring fires, great friends/family, and of course, a little vino!!! I had a nice “LITTLE GALS LUNCHEON” on Friday with my “EXERCISE PALS”! I just adore these gals. We provide the best therapy for each other. When we walk, we vent, laugh, cry, share, comfort and support each other and this makes us more relaxed and able to face the day with a smile! I highly encourage you to form a group with your “BEST FRIENDS” and just get out there and do whatever makes you feel better. FRIENDS ARE LIFE’S BEST ACCESSORIES! All I know is that WHEN IT HURTS TO LOOK BACK AND YOU ARE AFRAID TO LOOK FORWARD, ALL I NEED TO DO IS LOOK BESIDE ME AND MY FRIENDS WILL BE THERE FOR ME! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS IN THEIR LIFE! I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE THESE PRECIOUS GEMS EVERYDAY!
Today’s menu includes my sister-in-law, VICKIE MORROW GIBERT’S, famous CHICKEN POT PIE. Now before you curl up your nose, this dish is worth trying. Vic is famous for making these pies and bringing them to people who are sick, just had a baby, new house, new neighborhood or just any nice reason to share her wonderful dish. I wish I lived closer to her and I would try to be sick every week just to get her pie.
So we all know what tomorrow is “RIGHT”? Please if you did not do early voting go out and vote. If you fail to do this then you have no right to complain about the way government is handled. Make your voice be known!
Have a great day!


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