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Good Morning Foodies! We had a most wonderful weekend in THE BIG EASY. I don’t know about you but whenever you have any type of celebration in NEW ORLEANS, IT JUST SEEMS A LITTLE GRANDER! No matter how well I eat, before I head out to New Orleans, whenever we approach the LAPLACE EXIT, MY STOMACH STARTS TO GROWL!!!!!! It is like it can sense the great food that is waiting for me!
One of the celebrations was for my dearest friend, SHARLA DOHERTY! She has taught me many things, like how to enjoy RED WINE, but most importantly, she has taught me to “LIVE YOUR LIFE AND FORGET YOUR AGE!” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR FRIEND!
HUBBY and I were able to spend FATHER’S DAY with two of our PEEP FAMILIES. I have found as those GRAND PEEPS grow, their time with other activities, also grows. I am very thankful to get any time I can with these PEEPS AND GRAND PEEPS.
I hope however you celebrated this past weekend, you took the time to take in all that surrounds you!
If you can, take special note of today’s recipes: RISSOTTO-STYLE ROASTED TOMATOES AND NOODLES and THE AWARD WINNING BLUEBERRY BANANA PIE. I played with this concoction for the pasta dish, before I came up with this winner. With all those great tomatoes coming in, YOU MUST TRY THIS RECIPE. I must say it is one of my favorites. It is soooo good and easy. You will find yourself fixing your pasta like this rather than boiling them. Give it a try, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! The dessert is from my sister-in-law, VICKIE MORROW GIBERT. When I was dating HUBBY, and would go into Arnaudville for weekends, his sister, was practicing this pie to enter in different contests, like 4-H, etc. There were pies all over the creation but no one complained because they were so good! Great summer dessert! Try this one also!
Have a most wonderful day!
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