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Today’s Menu:

Layered Mexican Dip

Palazzo Eggplant Arancini

Chewy Bars

Good Morning Foodies: First off, I am hoping that I will be able to post with this upcoming “ICE STORM”! I have told you before that when a bird pisses on a wire here, electricity goes out. So I am not so sure what will happen to the internet service as the day goes by. I know we are told that there is “WIRELESS INTERENT”—I promise you that little birdie will find that “WIRE”!

The only thing that I dislike about SUPER BOWL is that it is on a SUNDAY NIGHT! Who can party and function on a Monday! Poor planning on someone’s part. Sure sounds like a man planned it! One of today’s foods is a family favorite when I was growing up. The word is “ARANCINI”. This is typically a fried rice ball with great flavors. My dad liked it with eggplant instead of rice. Later on in time, I decided to bake them instead of frying and they were fabulous. This is one of those recipes you can sub all kinds of good things. Easy and very tasty. The other recipe today is “CHEWY BARS”. My niece, Alicia Laporte Gandy, makes these just for me because I am her “MOST FAVORITE AUNT”. Hey, I am not proud—I do anything to get good stuff! This is one of those recipes you probably have had but maybe a different name. It is also known as Chess Bars or French Vanilla Squares. Regardless, they are awesome. I just like having Alicia think I can’t make them so she makes me a whole pan. WHATEVER WORKS! Now, if for some reason, you are without “SOCIAL MEDIA” due to the weather, take the time and sit around with your family and enjoy each other. Bring out those Old Board and Card Games— Roast Marshmallows—Drink Hot Cocoa—Bake Cookies—Look at Old Pics—Share Stories—JUST BE FAMILY! Have a great day, be safe and warm!!!!

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