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Today’s Menu:

Baked Gouda Puff Pastry

 Sis’s Sweet Cheese Ball

Quick and Easy Peanut Butter

Good Morning Foodies! As you all well know, this weekend coming up is the BIG DADDY OF THEM ALL—SUPER BOWL! Last year, my dear SAINTS, were convicts on probation and this year got treated as the RED-HEADED STEP CHILD! BOO-HOO! We all know that our dear BREEJUS is getting along in age—still cute but can last so long. I am hoping before he steps down or gets traded we can do this SUPER BOWL WIN-ONE MORE TIME! He is one of those good guys who deserves it and he has done so much for the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS! At least, he is not like that SHERMAN person! What a classless guy! Anyway, this week, I am going to throw your way some winning touchdown party foods that will make you a winner—NO MATTER WHAT TEAM YOU ARE ON! Have a great day! Looks like another SNEAUX DAY IS COMING!

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