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Today’s Menu:

 Mr. Pat’s Perfect Leg of Lamb

 Braised Cipollini Onions in Red Wine

Easter Brownie Peeps


Good Morning Foodies! Well, I am back and a year older—wiser, maybe not! I had a most glorious time for my birthday. I had some great friends and one of my PEEPS, HER HUBBY AND ONE GRAND PEEP with me to celebrate. We were at THE GRAND IN FAIRHOPE. I just love that place. I am so amazed at how kind, polite and how happy the people are, who live there. It is almost as if the town is not real. One night, we hired a driver to take us to dinner. We were told it was $5.00 a head and then you just tip. So on the way over, we paid and tipped. Then on the way back, HUBBY proceeds to pay and the driver says, “SIR, I HAVE TO GIVE YOU SOME MONEY BACK! THE HOTEL IS GOING TO PUT THE CHARGE ON YOUR HOTEL BILL. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO PAY TWICE!” Have you ever had a cab driver tell you he wants to give you money back! UNBELIEVABLE—SO HE WAS SO HONEST, HE GOT A BIGGER TIP! Maybe he has figured out—KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS! Regardless, it was quite refreshing to see such kindness and honesty.

Today’s menu is one of my favorites for EASTER. HUBBY does a great leg of lamb. The little Easter treats were the brainstorm of my niece, RUTHIE LAPORTE! All the LITTLE PEEPS loved the desserts.

As you can see, time is very limited when it comes to posting before EASTER. This will be my last week of posting until after EASTER. I will not post menus during EASTER WEEK—I figured most of you will be busy with your own things getting ready for the festivities. I may try and post some of the activities and crazy happenings of that week!

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